A connector is a key node for information transmission and conversion

A connector is a key node for information transmission and conversion, and is a device used to connect conductors of one circuit to conductors of another circuit or a transmission element to another transmission element. The connector provides a separable interface for the two circuit subsystems. On the one hand, the maintenance or upgrade of components or subsystems does not need to modify the entire system; on the other hand, it improves the portability of components and the expansion capability of peripheral devices. , making the design and production process more convenient and flexible.

Connectors are the connecting bridges in electronic circuits and the basic electronic components that constitute the entire electronic equipment. They are widely used in automobiles, communications, computers and peripherals, medical, military and aerospace, transportation, household appliances, energy, Industrial, consumer electronics and other fields.

With the development of downstream industries and the progress of the connector industry itself, connectors have become a bridge for the stable flow of energy and information in equipment, and the overall market size has basically maintained a steady growth trend.

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