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Suzhou Suqin Electronic, a 7-year experience distributor in the connector distribution industry,proudly presents the Amphenol HV series connectors

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, Suzhou Suqin Electronic continues to keep up with the quality standard in technological

advancements to cater to the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

· Features:

At the heart of the Amphenol HV series Automotive Connector is a set of robust features that ensure reliability and performance in diverse conditions. The connectors, such as the HVSLS600083A1S01, are crafted with 

high-quality materials, providing excellent resistance to dust, and other environmental factors. This durability makes them ideal for a wide range of automotive applications, from engine control units to lighting systems.

Suzhou Suqin Electronic takes pride in the quality control of these connectors, guaranteeing a secure and stable connection. The connectors are designed to withstand the rigors of the automotive environment, ensuring uninterrupted

functionality even in challenging conditions. With a focus on quality and durability, Amphenol HV series Automotive Connector sets a new standard for reliability in the industry.

 RT seriesAT series

·Application Areas:

The versatility of Amphenol’s connectors, exemplified by the HV/RT/AT/C100/ series, opens doors to a myriad of application areas within the automotive sector. Whether it’s in passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, or off-road  vehicles, their connectors play a pivotal role in establishing secure electrical connections. They find application in electronic control units, sensors, and various other components critical to the modern automotive system.

Moreover, their connectors are designed to meet the stringent requirements of automotive manufacturers, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Suzhou Suqin Electronic’s commitment to quick turn around and genuine products makes our connectors the go-to choice for automotive professionals seeking reliable and durable solutions.

 AT series installation procedure      

· Usage Steps:

Using the HV series Automotive Connector from Amphenol, is a seamless process. The connectors come with a user-friendly design that simplifies installation. Follow these straightforward steps to ensure a quick and secure connection:

1.  Preparation: Ensure that the connector and the mating components are clean and free from debris.

2. Alignment: Align the pins of the male connector with the corresponding female connector. 

3.  Insertion: Gently insert the male connector into the female connector until a distinct click is heard, indicating a secure connection.

4. Verification: Double-check the connection to ensure proper alignment and engagement. This step is crucial for optimal performance.

By following these simple steps, users can harness the full potential of Suzhou Suqin Electronic’s connectors, such as the HVMC3P12FS135, enjoying a reliable and efficient electrical connection.


· Connectivity for the Future:

Suzhou Suqin Electronic’s commitment to innovation and quality shines     through in the design and functionality of the HV Male/Female Automotive Connector, exemplified by the HVMC3P12FS135.

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HV series


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