SQ connectors | ISO certification opens new chapter

ISO9001 is the internationally recognized quality management system standard, and its 2015 version is the most widely used version at present. The purpose of this system certification is to improve the effectiveness of quality management through continuous improvement and continuous development and to assist enterprises in ensuring the consistency and effectiveness of quality management.


This year, to improve the quality management level of our company, we took the initiative to apply for the construction of a quality management system by adopting the standard of ISO 9001:2015. Our company summarized and optimized the original management system process, formulated the Quality Management Manual and various record sheets in line with the standard requirements, and set up a quality management committee. After half a year of effort, we constantly put forward problems and actively solved them, updated the content documents in line with the system, and finally completed the mature operation of the quality management system.


In recent months, our company has accepted quality document updates, document record keeping and management, internal personnel training, and other rounds of assessment and evaluation by the certification body of Zhongren Certification Co., Ltd., so that the assessment personnel for our company's management system structure and implementation of a high degree of evaluation, which did not find non-conformity, and successfully passed the certification. 28th November, our company received the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification issued by Zhongren Certification Co., Ltd. certification body.


The certificate signifies that our quality management system has reached the international standard. The person in charge of our company said, "We will maintain the ISO certification standards, continue to optimize quality management, customer-centric business philosophy, to ensure that customer demand, win-win cooperation with customers, and high-quality products and services to return the majority of customer support."

Post time: Dec-05-2023