What are high voltage connectors?

High-voltage connectors are a kind of connecting devices used for transmitting high-voltage electrical energy, signals and data signals, which are usually used for connecting high-voltage equipment in the fields of electric power, telecommunication, broadcasting, aerospace, military and medical equipment.

The characteristics of the pressure connector is easy to use and install, with safe and reliable high pressure strength, good sealing, good insulation, good corrosion resistance, etc., it can support up to 1000 V above the voltage, subject to up to 20A above the current, with high-frequency, high-speed, high-strength signal transmission capabilities, the following will be introduced to the high-voltage connector product structure and role:

High voltage connectors

Ⅰ、 Product structure of high-voltage connectors

High-voltage connector structure design needs to take into account the transmission of high voltage, system stability, safety and durability and other factors. High-voltage plug is the connector of the "mother head", mainly by the needle lead, pin seat, plastic shell composition, needle-type lead is mainly used to transmit electrical energy or signal, the pin seat is usually used to fix the lead and to ensure the stability of high-voltage system, plastic shell for the protection of the lead and the pin seat, and with the socket to prevent poor docking, bruising and Short-circuit problems.

High-voltage socket is the "parent" of the connector. Mainly by the hole type contact socket, fixing screws and plastic shell, hole type contact is used to accept the plug pin type lead conductor, the socket is used to accommodate the contact and by the screws used to fix the socket to the equipment. The plastic housing protects the circuitry within the eyelet contacts and sockets, as well as preventing contaminants and moisture in the external atmosphere from affecting performance during operation and use.

High-voltage plug and socket combination installation, according to the actual use of the occasion to select the appropriate contact surface and socket calibre, and in the connection must pay attention to safety protection to prevent accidents.

High-voltage connectors adopted a variety of materials, commonly used, including copper alloy, hard rubber, nylon, high-voltage heat-shrinkable materials, etc., copper alloy as a high-voltage plug as the main material, in addition to having the ideal conductive properties, but also has a good corrosion-resistant, so that the plug for the harsh atmosphere and the moisture of the safe use of more reliable.

Hard rubber is usually used in another part of the high-voltage plug, mainly characterised by good insulating properties and high resistance to pressure, but also protects the pin leads and headers inside the plug against thermal expansion and contraction.

Nylon is another commonly used material for plug-ins, usually used in the shell part of the manufacturing, nylon has the advantages of vibration resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., but also effective resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion.

In addition, the product structure of the crimp plug-in is usually based on the actual need to design, will be due to the application environment, operating frequency, voltage, current, protection and other elements of the different changes, so the manufacturer must develop strict specifications and design procedures to ensure that their products comply with international and industry standards.

High voltage connectors

Ⅱ the role of high-voltage connectors

1、 the transmission of high voltage electrical energy or signal

High-voltage connectors can transmit high-voltage electrical energy or signals, so as to achieve the connection and communication between various devices, for example, in the field of voltage test instruments, high-voltage discharge devices, medical equipment and electric vehicles, etc., need to use high-voltage connectors to transmit high-voltage electrical energy or signals.

2、Support high voltage and current

High-voltage connectors can support up to 1000V or more voltage, withstand up to 20A or more current, and has a frequency, high speed, high strength signal transmission ability, in various fields of high-voltage power supply and high-voltage detection has a very important role.

3, to provide security and protection

High-voltage connectors are moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, etc., which can protect the equipment from the effects of the external environment and damage. In addition, it can also provide security to prevent high-voltage exposure, thereby protecting the safety of operators.

4、Improve work efficiency and reliability

High-voltage connectors can be quickly and easily connected and dismantled equipment, thereby improving work efficiency, it can also improve the reliability of the equipment to prevent poor contact, corrosion, short circuits, circuit breakers and electrical interference and other issues to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Overall, the role of the crimp plug is very important, not only is a variety of high-voltage equipment is a key component, but also to safeguard facilities, improve work efficiency and protection of personnel safety is an important safeguard, a variety of materials, a variety of design of the structure of this type of connecting device work to provide a solid guarantee that they play a wider role in the field of high-voltage electricity in the future.

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Post time: Aug-25-2023