10pin Female MG651056 Automotive Electrical PBT connector 7283-1100

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Product name: Auto Connector
Model number:7283-1100
Color: White
Processing method: injection molding
Gender: Female
Application: waterproof connectors

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"Only original and genuine products" is our business philosophy

Suzhou Suqin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic component distributor, a comprehensive service enterprise that distributes and services various electronic components, mainly engaged in connectors, switches, sensors, ICs and other electronic components. The main brands involved are Amphenol, Molex, TE, DEUTSCH, KET, KUM, APTIV, YEONHO, Yazaki, Sumitomo, LEAR, hirschmann, HRS, JST, Kostal, ITT, etc. Users are mainly concentrated in automobiles, home appliances, industry, communications, automation, and 3C digital.

Since its establishment, Suqin Electronics has always adhered to customer demand-oriented, set up many warehouses and offices throughout the country, adhered to the business philosophy of "only original and genuine products", and ensured that the products supplied are all original and genuine products, and have been recognized by customers.

Adhering to the mission of "connecting the world, connecting the future", Suqin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. constantly breaks through the high-end electronic component product line, strives to build a comprehensive and three-dimensional supply chain system and the most cutting-edge industry ecology and industry community, and accelerates the creation of electronic components. The core strength and organizational platform of the component industry.If you do not find the part you are looking for, please feel free to contact us so we can assist you.


Transportation, Solid State Lighting, Automotive, Home Appliances, Industrial Automation.

The importance of connectors

There are all kinds of connectors in all electronic devices. At present, serious failures such as failure of normal operation, loss of electrical function, and even crash due to bad connectors account for more than 37% of all device failures.

What is a connector for ?

The connector mainly plays the role of conducting signals, and plays the role of conducting current and connecting signals in electronic equipment.

Connectors are easier to specialize in division of labor, parts replacement, and troubleshooting and assembly are quicker. Due to its firmer and more reliable characteristics, it is widely used in various equipments.

Our advantage

Brand supply diversification,
Convenient one-stop shopping

Covers a wide range of fields
Automobile, electromechanical, industrial, communication, etc.

Complete information, fast delivery
Reduce intermediate links

Good after-sales service
Quick response, professional reply

Original genuine guarantee
Support professional consultation

After-sales problems
Ensure that the imported original products are genuine. If there is a quality problem, it will be solved within one month of receiving the goods.

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