353378-7 TE Connectors Electronic Component Integrated Circuit New Original

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Model Number:353378-7
Brand Name:TE
Body color :yellow
Product Category: Automotive Connector Cap
Main product material: PBT
Automotive Connector Caps & Covers, Cover – Cable Exit, Cable Exit Angle 90° (Right Angle), Without, Yellow, PBT, Wire-to-Board / Wire-to-Device

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Transportation, Solid State Lighting, Automotive, Home Appliances, Industrial Automation.

What is a connector for ?

The connector mainly plays the role of conducting signals, and plays the role of conducting current and connecting signals in electronic equipment.

Connectors are easier to specialize in division of labor, parts replacement, and troubleshooting and assembly are quicker. Due to its firmer and more reliable characteristics, it is widely used in various equipments.

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After-sales problems
Ensure that the imported original products are genuine. If there is a quality problem, it will be solved within one month of receiving the goods.

The importance of connectors

There are all kinds of connectors in all electronic devices. At present, serious failures such as failure of normal operation, loss of electrical function, and even crash due to bad connectors account for more than 37% of all device failures.

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