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What is an Amphenol connector?

It is a kind of connector widely used in electronic equipment and communication systems.


① Structure: The Amphenol connector consists of two parts: plug and socket. Plug has a number of pins, inserted into the socket to realize the circuit connection.


② Material: usually made of nickel-chromium alloy and other metal materials, solid and durable structure.


③ Electrical performance: the amount of pins varies, and can be transmitted from microamps to hundreds of amperes of current specifications.


④ Protection level: IP68-IP69K waterproof and shockproof, suitable for harsh working environments.


⑤ Safety design: Polarized structure prevents incorrect connectors, and voltage levels are marked to avoid misuse.


⑥ Modularity: Plugs and sockets can be replaced individually, and there is good compatibility between parts of the same size.


⑦ Functional features: Reliable and durable connections, compact and robust.

What are the types of Amphenol connectors?

① Micro Connectors : miniaturized connectors for high-density applications in electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablet PCs, headphones, etc. Micro connectors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circular, rectangular, and D-shaped. More well-known product series: Micro-D, Micro-Miniature, Micro-USB, and so on.


② Circular Connectors: Circular connectors include MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-38999, and other standard models. Suitable for applications under demanding environmental conditions, characterized by high-temperature resistance, vibration resistance, waterproof and dustproof. Widely used in aerospace, defense, transportation, and other fields.


③ RF/Microwave connectors: Used for high-frequency applications, such as satellite communications, radio communications, radar, and other fields. Characterized by low loss, low noise, reliability, and so on. Connector product series: SMA, TNC, BNC, MCX, MMCX, etc.


④ High-speed connectors : product series: USB, DisplayPort, Mini-SAS, HDMI, and so on. With high-speed transmission, low insertion loss, anti-interference, and other characteristics. Widely used in high-speed data transmission applications, such as computers, network communications, audio and video transmission, and other fields.


⑤ Fiber optic connectors : suitable for fiber optic communication system applications, such as local area networks, wide area networks, data centers, and other fields. They are characterized by high-speed transmission, low insertion loss, and anti-interference. Product series include LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, and so on.


⑥ Automotive Connectors: Product series include standard automotive connectors, high-speed automotive connectors, USB automotive connectors, automotive power connectors, and other series products. Suitable for applications in automotive electronic control systems, such as engine control, body control, in-car entertainment, and other fields. Applications in systems such as engine control, braking system, instrument panel, body electronic system, etc. Characterized by high-temperature resistance, vibration resistance, waterproof and dustproof.


⑦ Board-to-board connectors : mainly used to connect different PCB boards or different parts of the same PCB board to realize transmission and communication between circuits. Widely used in automobiles, consumer electronics, communications equipment, industrial instruments, and other fields.

Where are Amphenol connectors used? 







mobile network

Mobile Networks

How to install an amphenol connector?

installation procedure

1.Crimp contact.

2.Hold connector with the rear and insert contact depending on the corresponding hole.

3.Push contact straight into the connector until a “click" is felt. A slight tug will confirm placement.

4.Hold connector and wedge. Insert wedge facing into connector middle groove.

5.A“click" will be felt when the wedge is fully installed.

Where to buy amphenol connectors?

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