New energy vehicle high-speed connector features, function, and working principle

  A new energy vehicle high-speed connector is a kind of component used to connect various electronic components and wires in the automotive electronic system, also called a charging plug, which is used to connect the cable between the power supply and the electric vehicle.

  New energy vehicle high-speed connector usually consists of a shell, plug, socket, contacts, and seals. The plug is usually mounted on the charging device and the socket on the electric vehicle.

  The contacts of the connector are usually made of copper, which has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are usually used to connect control modules, sensors, actuators, and other electronic devices.

Harness connector

I. Features:

(1) High efficiency

High-speed connectors for new energy vehicles have a fast transmission speed, which enables them to charge quickly and improve the charging efficiency, greatly reducing the charging time.


New energy vehicle high-speed connector has good safety performance and can guarantee the safety of the charging process. The connector has a variety of internal protection measures, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, etc., that can effectively avoid the electric vehicle charging process safety issues.

(3) Reliability

The high-speed connector for new energy vehicles has good reliability and can work stably for a long time. The contacts of the connector are made of copper, which has good conductivity and corrosion resistance and can ensure the stable transmission of the connector for a long time.


High-speed connectors for new energy vehicles are suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles, whether they are pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles or fuel cell vehicles, all of them can use high-speed connectors for charging.


(1) Provide reliable electrical connection: It can ensure the reliable electrical connection between electronic equipment, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the car.

(2) Reduce circuit noise: can reduce circuit noise and electromagnetic interference, thereby improving the performance of the vehicle electronic system.

(3) Easy maintenance and replacement: The design makes them easy to install, disassemble and replace it. This makes maintenance easier and can save time and cost.

(4) Improve safety: It can ensure a good connection between electronic equipment, thereby reducing the risk of circuit failure and electrical fires, and improving the safety performance of the car.

Ⅲ. Working principle:

(1) New energy vehicle high -speed connectors usually use a lock mechanism to ensure a firm connection between the plug and the socket to prevent the plug from being loosened unexpectedly during vibration or driving. At the same time, waterproof and dustproof design is also adopted to ensure that electronic components and wires are not affected by moisture and dust.

(2) New energy vehicle high-speed connectors usually have multiple pins, each pin represents-one electrical signal or power signal. When the plug is inserted into the socket, each pin is connected to the corresponding pins to transmit the electrical signal or power signal. In addition to physical contact, car high -speed connectors usually use coding to ensure the correct connection. The encoding method can be color coding, digital coding, or shape code to ensure correctly matching plugs and sockets.

Harness connector

  The new energy vehicle speed connector is a vital part of the modern vehicle electronic system. They enable different automotive systems to exchang data and energy efficiently while ensuring the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.

  New energy vehicle speed connectors are also widely used in various charging equipment and electric vehicles. In the future, new energy vehicle high -speed connectors will be more intelligent, portable, safe and efficient, and become one of the important ways for new energy vehicles to charge.

Post time: Aug-31-2023