The development trend of connector plastics

Among the many materials of connectors, plastic is the most common one, there are many connector products will use plastic this material, so do you know what the development trend of connector plastics is, the following introduces the development trend of connector material plastics.

The development trend of connector plastics is mainly related to seven aspects: high flow, low dielectric characteristics, color demand, waterproof, long-term temperature resistance, biological environmental protection, and transparency, as follows:

1. High flow of connector plastic

Today’s development trend of high-temperature connectors is: standard, high flow low warpage, ultra high flow low warpage. At present, large foreign connector manufacturers are conducting research on ultra-high flow, low warpage materials, although ordinary materials our domestic technology can also meet the requirements. However, as the volume of the connector product and the distance between the terminals become smaller, it is also necessary for the connector material to have high fluidity.

2. Low dielectric characteristics of connector plastic

Anyone who has a little knowledge of electronic products knows that the transmission speed in electronic devices is very important (the transmission speed is getting faster and faster), and in order to improve the transmission speed, there are more and more high-frequency products (higher and higher frequency), and there are also requirements for the dielectric constant of the material. At present, only LCP of the connector high-temperature material can meet the requirements of dielectric constant <3, followed by SPS as an alternative, but there are still many disadvantages.

3. Color requirements for connector plastic

Due to the lackluster appearance of the connector material, it is easy to have flow marks, and the dyeing performance is not very good. Therefore, the development trend of LCP tends to be shiny in appearance, easy to match color, and does not change color during high temperature process, which can meet the needs of customers for product color.

4. Waterproof of connector plastic

Today’s mobile phones and other 3C products have higher and higher requirements for waterproof, such as the recently released iPhone X waterproof is also one of its highlights, so the popularity of future electronic products in waterproof will definitely become higher and higher. At present, the main use of dispensing and silicone combination to achieve the purpose of waterproofing.

5. Long-term temperature resistance of connector plastic

Connector plastics are wear-resistant (long-term use temperature 150-180 °C), creep resistant (125 °C/72hrs under load), and meet ESD requirements (E6-E9) at high temperatures.

6. Bio-environmental protection of connector plastic

Because of social and environmental problems, today’s government advocates that the manufacturing industry can use environmentally friendly materials to do production, so many customers have this requirement for whether connector products use environmentally friendly bioplastics to produce and process. For example: bio-based materials (corn, castor oil, etc.) or recycled materials, because products made from biological or environmentally friendly materials can be accepted by the government and more people.

7. Transparency of connector plastic

Some customers produce electronic products that want the product to be transparent, for example, you can add an LED underneath to make an indicator light or to look better. At this time, it is necessary to use high-temperature resistant and transparent plastics.

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Post time: Nov-16-2022