Wiring harness pre-assembly process documents in the basic knowledge

(1) The pre-assembly process design process, should be considered after the draw plate wire is smooth, whether it will cause wire and wire or wire and jacket and other components stranded in a problem affecting the total assembly operation.

(2) The assembly line of the pre-assembly process card should be prepared by the customer’s daily demand, factory space and other resources for the comprehensive design of the design should be done to achieve the overall balance of workstations, the ideal state of a single piece of flow between the semi-finished products for the zero inventory.

(3)The drawing of the pre-assembled drawing should be carried out according to the requirements of the process drawing standards.

(4)Pre-assembly process design process must be considered in the error-proof design, the same color wire should be avoided in a workstation, especially to avoid the same person to complete the operation.

(5) Sheath and other parts of the installation of special requirements should be reflected in the form of tips in the pre-assembly diagram.

(6) For some of the complex structures of the sheath and other parts, process documents should indicate the operation of this part and precautions.

(7) The purpose of pre-assembly is to combine as many wires sheaths and other parts to facilitate assembly operations.

(8) with the terminal of the second self-locking or locking safety device of the sheath. Harness processing should be all the wires in the sheath and all the installation is complete.

(9) When the terminal inserted in the sheath is not divided into positive and negative, and after the insertion of the terminal affects the installation of the second lock, the process must be carried out in the terminal crimping surface of the marking and warning.

(10) Pre-assembled process documents, should provide for the sheath involved in the fixed buckle and blind bolt installation in place.

(11) With a locking wing of the terminal assembly, process documents should require such terminals first installed into the sheath at both ends of such terminals should be considered when assembling the terminal scratching the wire skin or terminal locking wing is scratched and other issues.

(12) Pre-assembly process design, to prevent leakage of pre-assembled wires, or the same wire in different stations to repeat the problem.

Post time: Aug-29-2023