Market Determined Standards VS Guiding Determined Standards

Following Ford’s announcement some time ago that it will use Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging standard for future models in North America, another giant, Mercedes-Benz will have a North American Charging Standard (NACS) option in the future in addition to the CCS1, and Mercedes-Benz North America is expected to switch to NACS in 2025. considering Tesla’s sales, it’s just a matter of time before the NACS unifies the North American charging market. It’s a question of whether the market determines the standard, or whether the standard guides the market?

 Tesla: North American Charging Standards and CCS Combo1

At least the charging interface, CharIN organization is not willing to see NACS so offensive, thus triggering the domino effect, but also let the North American CCS1 efforts go down the drain, and Tesla’s MW MCS charging program will also look at the CharIN organization will also be different, which greatly impacts the future of the larger charging power market MCS program of multiple possibilities, think of when the original CCS was established to set a bar against chademo and to stop chad emo’s market share, but to this day it’s clear that car companies are very honest when it comes to their self-interest. This has to make us think, to a certain extent we do a good job of our market is essentially already going out.


The phenomenon of charging standards in our body is also the same phenomenon, before the Sino-Japanese joint development of “chaoji” charging standards, to make up for the 2015 version of the GB not meeting the problem of high-power charging, but also with the international “convergence,” but if you need to However, if you need to rely on the conversion connector to be compatible with the old GB charging pile, even if the technology can be set up, but this is certainly not a solution, on the one hand, and external convergence, on the one hand, and the internal “derailment”.

 plug power new

With the launch of the new 2015 pls version of the GB charging interface standard, the two standards will co-exist and complement each other, or one of the parties to be replaced will be a problem, Knowing the answer to this question, and ultimately need to be answered the market, charging is still ultimately for the vehicle services, the need to solve the problem of rapid charging, so the favor of the car companies and ultimately choose to give a clear answer, at least in the “transition period”. “Transition period”, we have seen part of the car companies choose chaoji, using the self-built super charging network to solve the problem; there are also some car companies using the 2015 version of the program equipped with a local cooling transformation program to solve the problem of the same self-built network; this phenomenon is not only in the charging standard, similar to the power switching This phenomenon does not only occur in the charging standard but similar to the power exchange market also has such a problem;


The same problem is not only reflected in the charging standard, such as commercial vehicle power exchange market also has the phenomenon, with power exchange battery market share of manufacturers, such as battery big C factory, has its own set of power exchange interface programs, and on behalf of the interests of the power casting system manufacturers is another set of programs, the power exchange of passenger cars is also more of a closed-loop game of the various car companies, think about it is also interesting.

 plug power ev charging

The charging system will be a war without smoke because the conflict of interest is a war, another way to look at it, the conflict of interest shows that this is a market worth killing because the market is a rapidly changing market, at least the charging facilities around the industry is a large space for the imagination of the industry.


Huawei is far ahead of the never-willing to do a “supporting role”, the momentum of the car is in full swing, and the recent release of some of the train models has let us see Huawei’s ambition, not only new cars such as dumplings in general, far ahead of the “technology” in the mouth of the Yu boss! The list goes on and on.

 EV  auto charging plug

The same trend in the charging market, Huawei is also a stirrer, Huawei has also launched up to 600KW liquid-cooled charging pile, a maximum output voltage of 200~1000Vdc, a maximum output current of 600A + (this is still more than the domestic mainstream car companies within the 500KW power ahead of a large section of the Huawei use of their technology to realize the “Not pick cars” (although I do not know how to do it). “what car can give you charge, which compared to some car companies’ “closed-loop game”, technology and pattern level pull full, of course, based on this premise, that charging interface must be used in the 2015 version of the old national standard charging port, whether it uses the latest version is still It is not known, the probability is also the use of traditional liquid-cooled technology, presumably in the choice of coolant, conductor materials and so on may have made some changes, otherwise it is difficult from the external dimensions of so lightweight (or is the name does not live up to the name)

 New energy vehicle charging plug

Grid load problem, Huawei through the integration of optical storage to create optical storage intelligent network charging, which is also the mainstream of the global market, is nothing special. Of course, everything needs market feedback to speak; Huawei also put forward the “a cup of coffee, fully charged to go” slogan, think back to when the Japanese chademo launched, also put forward “want to drink a cup of tea? When the Japanese chademo was launched, they also put forward the slogan “Want a cup of tea?”, meaning that a cup of tea can be charged to complete the work, so “vision” is very important. At least known as the “mother of industry” Huawei carries a lot of expectations, in my opinion, whether there is black technology is not important, the important thing is whether it can be used as a catfish to promote the development of leading the market to a better direction, triggering some of the finer markets. Hope and belief that sometimes more important than immediately having the technology or breaking through the blockade.

 A cup of coffee, fully charged and ready to go

Huawei’s 600KW is somehow on the same level as Tesla’s V4. Considering that the V4 needs to charge the Semi, its power should be at the MW level (1000V&1000A+). From the previous relevant information, we can run through Tesla’s realization, and the external charging port adopts a special “invasive liquid-cooled conductor. The external charging port uses a special “invasive liquid-cooled conductor” to significantly reduce the size and weight while improving charging efficiency, and the high-power interface at the vehicle end will form an active cooling system with the battery cooling system, and the plug-ins on the busbar will be connected more reliably, while the cooling system is loaded with a copper-aluminum conduit to replace the running power line, forming a closed-loop complete cooling link. Huawei has not yet seen the relevant details of the technology announced, I believe that the back will be gradually announced, but then again, little more confidence points to the far ahead of the technology announced, more peers can “progress”.


Our future electrification scene, not just some family cars, “each sweeping the snow in front of the doorway” is the rapid development of the helpless choice, but on the big level, we lack systematic consideration, after all, we have a larger market, there are more diversified ways to replenish the energy, I do not know how the market will change, but the systematic consideration, but the market will change, but the systematic consideration. How to change, but systematic consideration is necessary, but also can minimize “”In the end does the market determine the standard, or does the standard guide the market? The question of “Does the market determine the standard, or does the standard guide the market” arises.

 New energy high voltage connector

The concept of “integration” with the various car companies after years of development, has created a more reasonable, more compatible electrification platform, including battery technology breakthroughs and the increase in the number of mass production models of 800V, over the years, we feel that the trend and the opportunity to focus more and more on the charging facilities: high-power liquid-cooled charging and storage of intelligent charging market will grow as the Vehicle enterprises to take the lead Gradually form a blue ocean market with huge opportunities, including liquid cooling cables, materials, cooling interfaces, liquid cooling system pumps, DCDC modules, charging interfaces, DCDC modules, silicon carbide applications, protection modules, anti-jamming modules, sensors and so on will usher in more opportunities.


The vehicle-side trend will be more and more to the battery manufacturers and drive system module manufacturers on the convergence, as well as the recent point of the fire of the intelligent cockpit, driverless market; the battery side will be more and more integrated to the vehicle side, more intelligent battery or integrated battery chassis concept will become more and more obvious.

Post time: Nov-20-2023